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IPC/WHMA-A-620 Compliant Valley Precision Tool & Technology, Inc. has extensive assembly capabilities. We assemble Average Service Time of Our Certified Cable Assemblers is Five Years | IPC/WHMA-A-620 Compliant | Design, Build, Maintain, and Run the Molds we use in our Over Molding Process | Qualified Employees doing the Cable Line Welding | Qualified Employees doing All the Cable Line Soldering | Laser Wire Stripping Capabilities and Manual Wire Stripping | Shrink Tubing Capabilities and Produce EMI Cable Assemblies | G-Presses with Wire Applicators | Cirris Wire Harness Testers | Capable of Performing Extremely Fine Center Line Soldering | Capable of Welding Cables | Acrylic Dispensing Stations | High Intensity UV Curing Stations | Capable to Run Low Volume Lines and Large Quantity Orders | Assemble Cables Used in the Medical Field | Capable of Running Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic Assembly Equipment | Mass Pin Insertion Fixtures | Many Hand Insertion Fixtures
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Valley Precision Tool, Inc. is able to handle all phases of your product development, from conception to final condition and on into production. Our machine tooling capabilities include a few of the following: Fixtures - Capable of Designing and Building All Types of Jobs and Fixtures Used in Manufacturing and Assembly Prototype - Capable of Producing Prototype models of Tooling or Assemblies Capable of Running 24/7 to meet customer requirements Design Drafting - AutoCAD Design Capabilities to Design Assembly Equipment, Dies, Jobs, Fixtures, and Complex Tooling Reverse Engineering
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At Valley Precision Tool, Inc. we are capable of producing Wire Harness, RF cable assemblies, EMI cable assemblies and Electro Mech. cable assemblies. In our cable assembly department, we have welding, soldering, over molding, Laser and Manual Wire Stripping capabilities. In addition, we have Shrink Tubing, Automatic Wire measuring and Automatic Wire Stripping Capabilities. At Valley Precision, we have the capability to design and build the over molds used in our cable assembly operations. Our Cable Department is supported with Certified Cable Instructors and Certified Cable Assemblers.
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